Prune Juice: Mackenzie Sol

Prune: At 16-years-old you’re a triple threat. What came first, the singing, dancing, or acting?

Mackenzie: Definitely the singing because both my parents are singers, and then I started playing instruments. The joined a theatre school, which is a huge chain in the UK, and that’s when I first started acting and dancing.

Prune: At only 4-years-old you auditioned for the X Factor. Have you always known you wanted to be a performer?

Mackenzie: I was seriously born singing. My whole world has been music, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Prune: Today, you’re currently a part of the Boys of Summer Tour. What is it like to perform alongside fellow top influencers?

Mackenzie: It’s amazing – we’re having so much fun and all of the guys are great. We’re like a big family, especially being around other British kids again has been amazing.

Prune: After your tour, you will begin voicing your new movie, PUP STAR: BETTER 2GETHER. Are you excited to transition to the big screen?

Mackenzie: Yes, I’m very excited. I’ve been on TV before, but this is my first movie and it really is a great movie. I remember watching Game Plan when I was younger staring Madison Petis – she’s a great actress and now I’m starring in the same movie as her – that’s really incredible.

Prune: Your current single, Laugh, has come with great success. Talk to me about the song.

Mackenzie: The song has a great message. Everyone at some point will have a bad day, but this song is to say no matter how bad things get, just laugh it off.

Prune: The Laugh music video was shot solely with iPhones. Talk to me about the production behind the video.

Mackenzie: It was a fan source video – I wanted to get all the people who support me involved. We had people send in their clips, and also held a fun event at Awesomeness TV. I helped direct and the day was so much fun.

Prune: You have a large fan base on How has social media helped your career?

Mackenzie: Social media is a great way to connect and talk to your fan base. I see them more as friends.

Prune: On top of singing, you also play guitar. Do you play any other instruments?

Mackenzie: Piano is my first instrument. I also play drums too. I’ve played instruments from a young age and love singing to live instruments. I think it helps me be more creative with my voice.

Prune: You’re originally from England, but made the move to LA. What influenced you to move to America?

Mackenzie: We originally came to LA for the acting world. I worked in musical theatre from the age of six, and then I got too tall. I attended a talent convention in Florida. This is where I met my acting agent and came to LA for pilot season. During our time in LA, I met a lot of producers and fell in love with the music world, and knew my focus was music.

Prune: Both of your parents are professional singers. Are they your biggest inspirations?

Mackenzie: Yes they are, especially my dad. He’s a great singer and has so much music knowledge. I love singing with him.

Prune: Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller has helped excel your career. Talk to me about the first time you met her.

Mackenzie: The first time I met Abby, she called me a (Justin) Bieber wannabe *laughs*. She said there are so many kids that want to be singers who are all prerecorded and tuned in studio and demanded I sing for her on the spot. So, I didn’t hesitate, and sang. She was impressed and asked me to perform at a party in Beverly Hills the following evening. From there she asked me to tour Europe with her and became like my second mum, I love her.

Prune: What are your career goals as a whole?

Mackenzie: To be a respected and successful music artist.

Prune: Finally, let’s talk fashion. What is your everyday style?

Mackenzie: I got style man, I love love clothes. I like to be different – at the moment I love long length tees and tanks. It’s very important to match your shoes to your outfit.


Meet Mackenzie Sol, one of the Five Guys featured in our July/August issue and one of your favorite new artists!

The 16-year-old singer just released the music video for his latest single “Laugh” and is in the process of working on lots of exciting new music. We caught up with him to chat about how he got his start and why his fans mean the world to him.

TigerBeat: How did your passion for music first start?
Mackenzie: I grew up with music all around me. My mom and dad were Motown singers, so in my house there would be one room where someone was recording harmonies, one where someone was playing the guitar. You couldn’t get away from music, but I loved it.

TigerBeat: When did you decide to turn your passion into a career?
Mackenzie: I was probably about four when I went on “The X Factor.” My mom didn’t have a babysitter, so I had to go with her. I was following the cameras around everywhere. The producers said, “You know what? Let’s just bring him in to meet Simon Cowell. Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne.” I got to sing for them and it was an amazing experience.


TigerBeat: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?
Mackenzie: I would collaborate with Shawn Mendes because we’re really similar and we have kind of the same sound. Plus, we’re both cute. (Laughs.)

TigerBeat: Why did you choose to make the music video for your single “Laugh” a fan-sourced video?
Mackenzie: My followers and fans have been supporting me for lots of years and they have gotten me to where I am today. I thought it was time for a payback, so I let them all be a part of my music video. We’re all a team.